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SloWednesday: Garlic Harvesting & Curing

Wednesday, June 10 – Help St. Louis achieve independence from imported garlic as we enter the harvesting phase of Crop Sourcing: Project Garlic, and learn lessons and lore on garlic harvesting and curing.

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SloWednesday: Backyard Farm

Wednesday, September 10 – Join the Sadicario family to see how they’ve transformed their suburban back yard into a production garden in just a few short years.

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Garlic Project

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Crop Sourcing: Project Garlic–Calling All Garlic Lovers & Growers!

Wednesday, June 11 – We are excited to announce a new project from Slow Food St. Louis. Allium Sativum! No, it’s not a Harry Potter spell, it’s Latin for garlic. We want to grow garlic, lots of garlic and we need you to help us!

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