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Pesto Festo!

Slow Food St. Louis is proud to announce that we are a sponsor for Pesto Festo! A Harvest Celebration from EarthDance, Live Well Ferguson, and The Open Space Council. Tickets for Pesto Festo are now available, and you can get more details about this fun event here: Pesto Festo! A Harvest Celebration is just around […]

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Leadership change, Slow Food St. Louis

Slow Food St. Louis would like to announce its new current co-leaders. Bill Burge, Kelly Childs and Kimberly Henricks are more than prepared to bring this convivium forward and expand upon the foundations that have been laid by so many St. Louis Slow Foodies. The convivium was founded by Beki Marsh in 2000; Sara and […]

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The Politics of Food

As Election Day approaches, here are a couple of articles that may be of interest: An article by Tom Philpott at Grist, Politics and the Dinner Table, outlines Barak Obama and John McCain’s stances on food and farm policy, and last weekend’s issue of The New York Times Magazine included an article entitled Farmer in […]

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September Meeting with Kurt Michael Friese & Gardenworks

“Chef Kurt Michael Friese has written a terrific introduction to the theory and practice of slow food.” -Michael Pollan Wednesday, September 10, join Slow Food St. Louis for meeting packed full of information. From 6:15-6:45 p.m. we’ll walk the Gardenworks with Bottleworks gardener Jack Petrovic before gathering in the Crown Room and settling in to […]

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Community Garden Workshop

The Saucers tipped us off to a community garden workshop by way of The Daily Sauce… Those of us who spend our spare time – or at least a portion of it – working in a community garden, stooped over pulling weeds and tilling soil, love it come harvest time. Nothing beats fresh-pulled lettuce, just-picked […]

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Waters on Slow Food Nation

The Ethicurean has a brief article about an interview San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom gave to Alice Waters regarding Slow Food Nation.  A link is included to the video of the interview.

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SLOWednesday – Wednesday, July 9

  This month: Our Garden Our Garden is a ten-acre family farm seventy miles west of St. Louis in New Florence, MO. They grow a wide variety of naturally grown fruits and vegetables. Plants and herbs are available in the spring. Jams, pickles and seasonal vegetables, along with goat cheese and goat meat are available […]

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Terra Madre Relief Fund

From Kurt Friese   Hello Slow Food Heartland! I’ve already spoken to a few of you individually, but this email is for the entire Slow Food Heartland community regarding our emerging efforts to help the farmers and food artisans affected by the storms and floods of the last couple weeks throughout the Heartland.  There are […]

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