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Volunteering for Slow Food St. Louis is a great way to get involved in the local food community and meet like-minded people.  Everyone can get involved in Slow Food St. Louis. Whether you’re a dues-paying member or just a supporter, you can:

Propose a new event, program or partnership
We love new ideas, but we don’t always have the time or resources to follow through on them. If you’re thinking about organizing an event (a soup night, weekly drinks, a garden workday, a rally) or if you’re already involved in a project or organization in the St. Louis Metropolitan area and you think we can work together, write us.

Share a new resource
If you own or know the owner of a local business, community space, theater or church that would happily host Slow Food events, write us. If you know a restaurant, grocery or farm that would happily donate food, write us. If you love to volunteer and want to help out at an event or program, write us.

Contribute to your local food community
Perhaps the most important way to get involved is to “vote” for healthy food and agriculture in your everyday life. Get cooking. Buy local, organic food from the farmers’ market and from locally owned groceries. Pack a bag lunch. Plant a kitchen garden. Make things from scratch. Conserve, compost and recycle. Drink unbottled water. Sign the Food Declaration. Organize an Eat-In. Speak out about food injustice. Learn the St. Louis area’s food stories. Shake the hands that feed you.

Talk Slow Food
A very easy way to take action for healthy food and agriculture is to talk about it. Organize an Eat-In with your friends, your church, your book club or the neighbors on your block. Tell politicians to read The Omnivore’s Dilemma and get their act together. Write letters to editors. You’ve got to start somewhere.