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Members are the heart of the Slow Food Movement. By becoming a member you help us move towards a more delicious and sustainable future as you support and further the growth of local, national and international programs.

Slow Food is a grassroots non-profit supported by members who pay annual dues. There are approximately 50 dues-paying members in Slow Food St. Louis and over 15,000 in the U.S.

When you become a member, your voice will be added to those of more than 18,000 individuals in the USA, and 80,000 worldwide, who are committed to changing the food system for the better. Slow Food is the only organization that celebrates the delicious tastes of our nation, honors the unsung heroes of our tables, and brings together those committed to making a difference in our food system.

From tasting twenty heirloom varieties of tomatoes, to changing local policy on school lunches, to providing farmers with financial support after disasters, your membership helps you take action where it’s needed most. As a member you can get involved with your Slow Food St. Louis, as well as be a part of the largest international network of food activists.


In Slow Food St. Louis, the benefits of membership include: discounts to events, invitations to member’s only gatherings, The Food Chain, the USA monthly e-newsletter that highlights the activities of our 200+ convivia, our diverse programs and the latest headlines in food sustainability, a subscription to Slow Food’s print journal, The Snail, a personal membership card and, for new members, an electronic copy of the Slow Food Companion. Sign up and learn more on Slow Food USA’s Membership page.


When you become a member of Slow Food USA, you are not simply paying for a subscription to our publications, or for a membership card; your dollars go to further the goals and initiatives of Slow Food locally, nationally and internationally. Through this exchange, our members can be personally involved in furthering the goals we all share.

Slow Food International uses their percentage to help open new Slow Food offices around the world. There are currently over 800 chapters in 50 countries with seven national offices. With your support, Slow Food continues to establish new offices and chapters, increasing our body of members and strengthening our international community.

Your dues also support development of the movement here in the US, including the development of new chapters. On average 40 chapters open each year, and that number is growing! Slow Food USA provides support to existing chapters and networks all 300+ leaders to share their wealth of knowledge and experience enabling chapters to become even stronger and reach farther into their communities.

The rest of your dues go towards publications, operating expenses, and membership services, all of which help our movement grow and function while keeping our members updated and connected. Membership dues provide only a fraction of the general operating needs to support such programs as Communications and Outreach, Terra Madre, Slow Food In Schools, Slow Food On Campus, RAFT, Ark & Presidia, subsidized student rates, and our participation at Slow Food Nation.

Your annual membership is important to keeping Slow Food alive. We thank you for your continued support, contribution, and communal enthusiasm.

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